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    Multiple System Modes Setup

    juhensle New Member

      There are currently two system modes: default and night.  When I attempt to setup a third custom system mode, the night system mode is deleted. I need to use a custom system mode for a certain phone to transfer calls to certain extensions during certain time periods.  Is this a know issue or am I doing something wrong?

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          When you set up a system mode based on a schedule you cannot have overlapping times.  I am not completely sure if that is what you are running into without knowing the exact steps you are taking.  If you wish to have a special call coverage that will not be consistent enough to go in the weekly schedule, the best option is to use Override mode.  You would need to make sure all of the voice users, auto-attendants, ring-groups, trunks, etc that you are using have the proper coverage set for Override mode in addition to default and night.   When a schedule is defined for system modes transition, the only method to disable the schedule is to manually select the Override mode. Override is an enable/disable function. Once the system is in Override mode, it will remain there until Override is disabled (via Web interface, BLF, SPRE, or auto attendant).  This guide covers all of the necessary steps to get system modes configured in addition to how to use Override mode: Configuring System Modes in the NetVanta 7000 Series


          If the certain phone that needs to transfer calls to certain extensions during certain time periods can fit into the weekly schedule (it happens the same time every week) the regular schedule can be used so no manual intervention (Override mode) is needed.



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            juhensle New Member

            Thanks Matt!  I didn't realize that overlaping the times in the system mode setup would cause the problem.  Since we have a set schedule each week, I was able to modify the system to include three different system modes to meet our needs.