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      We have 7100 and a 3448 connected through a MPLs network. Innersite routing is working. The location also has an ASA for VPNs. The ASA's inside and outside interface is connected to the 7100. We have route statement on the 7100 that sends traffice destined to the ASA VPN Pool to the ASA's inside IP address.


      When connected to the VPN we can ping both sites. However we can not telnet or access the equipment at the remote site, only ping it.


      The ASA vendor is saying the we are sending traffic to the wrong IP on the ASA.


      Also, firewalls are disable on7100 and 3448.


      Is their way to ensure that we are sending traffic from the remote subnet to the proper IP? We've done traceroutes and all looks right.



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          I noticed you opened a support ticket for this problem.  It looks like the cause was an issue on the ASA.  Can you reply with the result and then mark it as the correct answer to help other community members who view this post?