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    Explorer in Windows 7 hangs when copying files over the WAN

    jamief New Member

      _7So far the only thing to associate this with is the wireless network.  If he is on the wired network all is good.  So I'm trying to determine if it is a driver issue on the PC or an issue with the BS 1800 AP.  We are using a vWLAN appliance and the firmware on the AP is version





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          erik Employee

          Hi Jamie,


          I would encourage you to upgrade to the latest GA BSAP firmware release - v.6.5.4-11. The release notes and software can be downloaded from www.adtran.com > Support > Product Downloads > Software Releases > use the drop-down menus to select your model of 1800. New firmware can be uploaded to the vWLAN via the tab Provision > Wireless > Firmware. To upgrade the AP(s), select the AP(s) and click Apply. The AP will then begin the upgrade and reboot.


          If the latest firmware doesn't resolve the issue it would be helpful to know the following:

          Are other clients also unable to copy files, or is it just this single device?

          Is it only a problem with file transfers or are there other problems - e.g., web pages failing to load, pings failing, or disconnections from the WLAN?

          What is the chipset and driver version of the user's wireless adapter that is experiencing the problem?

          Does a reboot of the AP that the user is associated to seem to temporarily clear the problem?




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              erik Employee



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                  jamief New Member

                  We updated the firmware on the AP and still had intermittent issues.  We are thinking at this point that the problem may be somewhere elae in the network.  Thanks.

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                      kennethfernandes Employee

                      Hi JamieF,

                      It is unclear whether you are using this access point with the BSC solution or the vWLAN solution. It is also unclear whether it is windows explorer hanging when you are trying to access a file share or perhaps internet explorer hanging when you are trying to download a link. There is a known issue when trying to access a Microsoft file share behind NAT. That would be likely with the BSC product line since NAT is enabled by default. Here's some further info on that from the BSC FAQ posted here in the community just in case that is what is going on.


                      I cannot make more than one client connection to a Microsoft file share over the BSC. Are there any known issues with Microsoft file shares and the BSC?


                      See Microsoft Knowledgebase article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/301673. When two client computers try to use the server message block (SMB) protocol to connect to the same server across a network address translation (NAT) device, the more recent client connection may reset the earlier client connection. If a client and a server that use the SMB protocol over a NAT device are copying files, that session may be reset when another client uses the SMB protocol over the same NAT device to the same server. By default the BSC NATs the managed networks to the protected interface IP address. Bluesocket's recommendation is to disable NAT on the BSC. Go to network>managed>click to edit the appropriate managed interface/vlan and uncheck NAT the addresses to the protected interface address. You will need to add a route back to that managed network in your router on the protected network. For example if the managed network is and the protected interface ip address is you would have to add the following route to your router:


                      ip route


                      You also need to make sure the managed network for example is Natted out your firewall.