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    Call Pickup Feature not working-Calls get dropped

    juad Visitor

      Hi all,


      At one of our sites, users are unable to pickup an incoming call using the Call Pickup feature.


      Initially, they were attempting to pickup incoming calls using *52+4100*.  Ext 4100 is a member of the Ring Group.  As they dialed in the code, the LCD display would show the Caller ID of the calling party (so the incoming call was apparently transferred); however, the call would be dropped soon after displaying the phone number of the caller.  As a workaround, I created a Pickup Group and added Ext 4100 and 4111 along with two others and assigned it the extension 4101.  When staff dials 4101 as a call is coming in the same thing happens.


      I have attempted power-cycling the switch as well and have verified that Call Pickup is enabled under COS.  Attached is a debug file taken while I dialed the site's number using my cell phone and instructed staff at Ext 4111 to attempt picking up the call by dialing 4101 (Pickup Group Ext).


      Thx for the help,