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    n-Command Using SMTP to forward Device list of Missed Checkins

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      Does n-Command support the funtionality to forward individual information for Managed Devices?  I would like to know when a device misses Checkin, or when and interface goes down.

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          @rthompson - N-command MSP does allow for SMTP settings to be configured, but is only used for notifying users by email regarding job statuses. However, SNMP offers a way to receive alerts when a device misses checkin, when an interface goes down, or several other factors. This can be configured by navigating to Settings -> SNMP Settings. The instructions below explain how to setup SNMP in N-Command MSP:


          1.     Select SNMP Settings from the Settings menu.

          2.     Enter the management server IP address in the Host 1 field. The address should be for the server that will receive the SNMP traps.

          3.     Enter the Port number to use on the server. The default port is 162.

          4.     Enter the SNMP community string to include with the trap in the Community field.

          5.     Select which SNMP version to use.

          6.     Select the Inform check box if you want to issue version 2 inform messages instead of version 2 traps. If you select inform messages, the management station is required to send an acknowledgement message. The system resends the inform message until it is acknowledged or the maximum retries threshold is reached. The Timeout value and number of Retries can only be set once the Inform option is selected. The Timeout is entered as milliseconds and represents the amount of time the system waits before resending. The Retries value is the number of times the system will retry sending the inform message before the operation fails.

          7.     Enable traps for a specific alert by selecting the check box beside the alert. Use the scroll bar to move up and down the list. An Enable All and Disable All button is provided to make selecting all alerts or deselecting all alerts easier.

          8.     Once all settings are finalized, select Save.

          Let us know if you have any further questions.



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