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    Migrating BSC configuration

    klewis New Member


      I have several older BSC-400 in my environment.

      We are planning to replace them to the BSC-600.

      Is there an easy way of migrating the setting from the 400 to the 600?



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          kennethfernandes Employee

          You should be able to back up the configuration from the older BSC-400 and restore it to the newer replacement BSC-600. On the BSC-400 for example go to maintenance>configuration backup/restore and backup your configuration. Then on the BSC-600 for example go to maintenance>configuration>backup/restore and restore the configuration that you previously backed up from the BSC-400. You can restore a configuration from any BSC model to any BSC model as long as the BSC that you are restoring to is running the same or newer software release. You cannot restore a configuration from a newer software release to an older software release. If you were running version 5.2 or prior, you must upgrade to first to adjust the configuration file before restoring it to a BSC running 6.x.