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    Adtran 3120 errors in "show ver" referring to source code

    megasmithers New Member

      I've been seeing the below bolded bit crop up lately in my "show ver" output.


      The "RstPort.cpp#468" refers to the source code, I'm not sure if it's the same C++ file and line number referred to each time I've seen it or not though.


      Usually causes some bouncing (though it doesn't seem to interfere with DBU function), and is resolved via reboot.


      Any idea 1.) what causes this? 2.) how to avoid it?




      STST-NC-ALBE-379954#sh ver

      ADTRAN OS version

        Mainline Version: M04

        Checksum: 77C46AE4

        Built on: Tue Dec 07 10:18:13 2010

        Upgrade key: REDACTED

      Hardware version C

      Boot ROM version 14.04.00

        Checksum: 268C

        Built on: Wed Apr 11 15:24:11 2007

      Copyright (c) 1999-2010, ADTRAN

      Platform: NetVanta 3120, part number 1700600L2

      Serial number REDACTED

      Flash: 16777216 bytes  DRAM: 64946175 bytes


      STST-NC-ALBE-379954 uptime is 1 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes, 51 seconds


      System returned to ROM by Other

      Current system image file is "NV3120A-17-09-02-00-E.biz"

      Boot system image file is "NV3120A-17-09-02-00-E.biz"

      Primary system configuration file is "startup-config"


      Core:\source\PacketCore\Switch\SpanningTree\Rapid\RstPort.cpp#468: AdFatal(.Spanning Tree unable to allocate a packet for transmit..  StackTrc:  01152E90 01152F04 01141374 01141A8C 01140AF8 0115449C 011514A0 0005C18C 00061780 000629E4 000532D8 0005329C ....Regs: r1=0x00000001 r2=0x00000038 r3=0x0285cba8 r4=0x00000000 r5=0x0285cb34 r6=0x01c4da7f r7=0x0285cb50 r8=0x10001401 r9=0x00000000 r10=0x00000004 r11=0x00000001 r12=0x0a7c5ac5 r13=0x00000040 r14=0x01f1f42c r15=0x00000001 r16=0x00000000 r17=0x028739c4 r18=0x01c4d4f0 r19=0x00000001 r20=0x00000001 r21=0x00000000 r22=0x66666666 r23=0x77777777 r24=0x02873810 r25=0x00000001 SP=0x0285cb68 SR=0x10001401 HI=0x00000000 LO=0x00000018 FP=0x0285cc38 RA=0x01152d90 EPC=0x01152dbc.)