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    Storm Control

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      What occurs when Storm Control is enabled and the threshold is reached? Is the traffic that exceeds the threshold drop, the port is disabled, etc…?

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          @jeff - Thank you for your question. Storm control, by default, is disabled in all AOS switches. However, storm control can be enabled and configured to either drop traffic or shutdown the port depending on the AOS device in use. Below is a list of NetVanta switches and their storm control capabilties:


          NetVanta Switch Platform

          Types of Traffic Storm Control Available
          Available Action Options
          NetVanta 1224/1335/1534/1544/1638/2nd Gen 123xUnicast, Multicast, BroadcastDrop packets OR Shutdown port
          NetVanta 1524Multicast, BroadcastDrop packets
          1st Gen 123x/31xx/3448/3458/344Unicast, Multicast, BroadcastDrop packets


          Storm control can be configured in the command line interface in switchport configuration mode. The commands below show the syntax to configure storm-control. The rising and falling threshold levels are specified by percentages:


          storm-control broadcast level <rising level>

          storm-control broadcast level <rising level> <falling level>

          storm-control multicast level <rising level>

          storm-control multicast level <rising level> <falling level>

          storm-control unicast level <rising level>

          storm-control unicast level <rising level> <falling level>


          Also, below is the syntax to configure the switchport to shutdown (if the AOS switch allows it) should the threshold be exceeded:


          storm-control action shutdown


          Storm control can also be configured in the web interface by navigating to the "Storm Control" webpage under 'Data' on the navigation panel on the left.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.




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