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    Bonding multiple T1 in Adtran 3305 with additional NIM

    brianwilliams New Member

      Good morning Adtran Support,


      I have a quick question: is there a template available that I could use as a guide for bonding multiple T1 circuits inside a NV3305 router? While I'm extremely savvy with Adtran router - I've never actually bonded the T1s inside the router before. Usually this is handled by the carrier before it's delivered to the CPE, however, I'm dealing with a case where this isn't possible.


      Would it be the same as with Cisco routers - creating a multilink interface, using PPP encap and then assigning each serial interface to a MLPPP group? Any input would be greatly appreciated.




      Brian Williams

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          Thank you for your question. The steps to configuring multlink PPP  (MLPPP) on an AOS device is a little different than in Cisco. In AOS, the steps are the following:


          - Configure the T1 interfaces you want to include in the MLPPP bundle. A sample configuration of a T1 interface is below:

          interface t1 1/1

              clock source line

              tdm-group 1 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

              no shutdown


          - Configure the PPP interface and enable multilink. A sample configuration of a PPP interface with multilink enabled is below:

          interface ppp 1

             ip address 

               ppp multilink

               no shutdown


          - Configure cross-connects between the T1 interfaces and the PPP interface. The syntax for this command is the following: cross-connect <cross-connect ID> t1 <slot/port> <tdm-group ID> ppp <ppp ID> . An example based on the previous examples is shown below:

          (config)# cross-connect 1 t1 1/1 1 ppp 1


          Multilink PPP can also be configured in the web interface. In this method, navigate to "Physical Interfaces" under the "System" category within the Navigation panel on the left. From there, click on the T1 interface you would like to include in your MLPPP bundle. Under 'encapsulation', you will want to select PPP and then check the 'multilink' box below. This will bring up the option to create a new MLPPP interface or use one that already exists.  If this is a new configuration, then you will want to create a new MLPPP interface with your first T1, but will use that same MLPPP interface when configuring any additional T1s to be part of the bundle.


          NOTE: The 3305 can only bond a maximum of 3 T1s together. 


          You can find more information about MLPPP in our PPP configuration guide. This will also provide several example configurations. Examples 4 and 5 beginning on page 46 may be what you are looking for:


          PPP in AOS


          Please do not hesitate to reply to this post if you have any further questions or issues.