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    Getting dsx1almNearQtrThrs---exeedalarms from a disabled T-1

    mburns Beta_User

      I have a TA1500 with a dual T-1 LIU, the B side is disabled.  A few days ago I started getting threshold exceeded SNMP traps from the B side.  The daily PM shows all 0s.  The Qtr-Hour shows two intervals with errors for ES, SES & UAS. One interval w/900 and the other w/539 for each error.  The alarm log also show the threshold errors.  Any Idea why I’m getting these alarms from a disabled T-1?  

      These alarms came in 3-2 through 3-8 then stopped.  I went into the 1500 via telnet on 3/21 and again received the same alarms 3-22 through 3-27.  I believe I may have been in via telnet around 3-1 or 3-2.  I'll try to remember to go back in via telnet TA-150_it in a week or so to see if the alarms come back in.