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    Spanish Prompts

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      Hi Guys,


      Good afternoon, I'm here again questioning you about the NV7100, some time ago I remember that was some prompts for spanish audio on the system, but I remember that only applies for a few functions, I test them one time but I can't put them to work completely, the question is, the spanish prompts has been suffered some kind of improvements!?


      Thanks a lot,

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          The prompts can be downloaded from this link on our website:



          The installation instructions are also included on that page for download but I also listed them below:

          Follow these steps to upload the required files to the NetVanta 7060/7100.

          1. Download the ZIP file containing the prompt files (for example: “FrenchCanadian.zip”).

          2. Connect via FTP to NetVanta 7100.

          3. Create a new folder on CFLASH with the appropriate name

               a. "FrenchCanadian" for French-Canadian prompts.

               b. “LatinSpanish” for Latin American Spanish.

          4. Create a new folder under that folder named "SystemDefaultPrompts".

          5. Unzip contents of ZIP file to folder on CFLASH named "SystemDefaultPrompts" inside the newly created folder based on the language (for example: “FrenchCanadian/SystemDefaultPrompts/”)


          To enable International Voicemail Prompts:

          1. Access the web interface of the NetVanta 7060/7100.

          2. Under Voice, click System Parameters (see figure 1 below)

          3. Choose your Prompt Language and click Apply.


          Note that a reboot is necessary to apply this change and to update prompts.

          I hope this helps.  Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.