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    Recommendations for a wifi splash page solution?

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      I'm looking for a community opinion here... Using the NetVanta 150 APs and 12XX series switches - we are looking for a recommendation for a device to provide the 'login / accept our access terms' HTML page you get when you first connect to a wireless AP and begin browsing.   A splash page as they call it.  Does anyone have a recommendation of what has worked in the past with the NetVanta solution?    I know BlueSocket products can provide this but we are looking for this in a NetVanta 150 AP envoironment.


      thanks in advance for any type of input on this one.




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          Thank you for this question.  I'm sure other community members will post on this topic as well, but you are correct that the NetVanta 150 currently does not have a "splash page."  ADTRAN offers solutions to this by incorporating either BlueSocket devices or the NetVanta Unified Threat Management (UTM) 2000 series products, both of which support the functionality you are looking for.


          You can reach ADTRAN Applications Engineering by calling 888-423-8726 or sending an email to application.engineering@adtran.com for additional information on these solutions.