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    Can the "switchport trunk native vlan" be removed from a port?

    brian_ctl New Member

      Port connects to MOE network that requires correct VLAN tag.


      interface gigabit-switchport 0/5

        no shutdown

        switchport mode trunk

        switchport trunk allowed vlan 2



      sh ru int gig 0/5 v

      Building configuration...



      interface gigabit-switchport 0/5



        speed auto

        no flowcontrol

        mac-address 00:A0:C8:45:B2:2F

        snmp trap link-status

        power inline auto

        spanning-tree cost 0

        spanning-tree port-priority 128

        spanning-tree bpdufilter disable

        spanning-tree bpduguard disable

        no spanning-tree edgeport

        spanning-tree link-type auto

        no shutdown

        switchport mode trunk

        switchport access vlan 1

        switchport trunk native vlan 1

        switchport trunk allowed vlan 2

        no switchport voice vlan

        no switchport guest-voice vlan

        no switchport voice-signaling vlan

        no switchport softphone vlan

        switchport trunk fixed vlan none

        no storm-control broadcast level

        no storm-control multicast level

        no storm-control unicast level

        no storm-control action shutdown

        qos default-cos 0

        no qos trust cos

        no switchport port-security

        switchport port-security aging time 0

        switchport port-security aging type absolute

        no switchport port-security aging static

        switchport port-security maximum 1

        switchport port-security violation shutdown

        no switchport port-security mac-address sticky

        switchport port-security expire time 0

        switchport port-security expire type absolute

        no switchport protected

        no switchport gvrp

        lldp send-and-receive

        lldp send port-description

        lldp send system-name

        lldp send system-description

        lldp send system-capabilities

        lldp send management-address

        lldp send med-info network-policy

        lldp send 802.3-info mac-phy-config

        port-auth port-control force-authorized

        port-auth auth-mode port-based

        port-auth control-direction in

        no port-auth multiple-hosts