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    Scheduling Works and Report Information

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      Hello guys,


      How you doing!?, hope you're doing well, I'm writing you again for a topic of my N-Command server, in particularly I'd identified two situations:


      1. Issue with the schedule of jobs. For this part I don't know why the N-command it's not very accurated with the time when I schedule a work for start inmediately, sometimes it get stuck on the "Pendant" state but it never start to do it. Same happens when I schedule for an specific time (Mexico General).


      2. I set up values about an SMTP server for the N-Command to send me reports to my e-mail account but I don't receive anything, I'm selecting the options of send e-mail on Completion, On First Error, On Completion with errors, and detailed log, but it doesn't work. In the online help only describes this:


      Connection Settings

      The Connection Settings selection of the Settings menu provides a quick view of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) settings. From this dialog box, you can view the Sending User, Host, and Port settings of the n-Command® Server. Changes can also be made to any of these settings by editing the information in the provided fields and selecting Save.


      But it doesn't says anything else, so for first I created an account on my e-mail server, I set my smtp server address and the port (25) as default.

      I don't know if i need to activate anything else here!?


      Would you help me here!? BTW levi has access to my server in case that you need to review something.


      Thanks a bunch!!

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.

          1. The behavior you mentioned is expected.  The jobs do not start until the device checks in; therefore, depending when the next scheduled check in is, there may be some delay.  If you would like the job to perform immediately, you will need to click the "force checkin" button.

          2. This might be an issue with the SMTP server.  Have you verified you can send emails from that account, and it accepts traffic from the n-Command MSP server?

          Please, let me know when you get a chance, so I can assist you further.