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    Boot to different startup config

    cburgamy New Member

      Need to boot Netvanta 5305, 1544, 1534, ect...


      to a different config after a reboot.

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          @cburgamy - There are a couple of steps required to boot a NetVanta device to a new startup-config.


          - First, create the configuration file you would like to upload to the NetVanta device. This can be edited using wordpad or notepad, but remember to save it as a "*.cfg" file.

          - The file must be uploaded to the flash of the NetVanta device and saved as the startup configuration.

          - The router must be rebooted for the new configuration to take affect. Keep in mind NOT to save the running-config over to the startup-config, otherwise the config you uploaded will be overwritten.


          The methods to accomplish this are outlined in the document below. Although the guide refers to a factory default configuration, the process will work with any new configuration you want to upload.




          Select NetVanta devices also have the ability to be provisioned using a cFlash memory card. The method to perform this is outlined in the document below:


          Configuring Flash Provisioning in AOS


          Let us know if you have any questions.




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