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    VLAN Limitation on 3120 Switchports

    c.morgan New Member

      I have run into another issue that has to do with 802.1q on the 3120.  While using one of the switch ports as the WAN interface for a customer router I have found that the 3120 only supports vlan numbers from 1 to 512.  This is another problem as I have different area starting with different vlan numbers and some start at 1000.  I know that standard vlans range from 1 to 4096.  Can you please find out why they limited the 3120 to only support up to 512?





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          Could you provide more details as to where you are running into this limitation (i.e. error message, configuration)? You are correct that the vlan IDs can range from 1 to 4094. I have not run into any issues in configuring a Vlan or a Vlan interface with an ID higher than 512.


          If you are providing details of your configuration, please be sure to remove any information that may be sensitive to your network.