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    Does the WAN port of a 3120 support vlans?

    c.morgan New Member

      I need to know if the 3120 supports 802.1q on the wan port or would you have to use a switch port as a WAN interface to accomplish this?  We are currently using another brand of router that supports vlan tagging on the WAN interface but our techs prefer the Adtran gear.





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          Thank you for your question.


          Yes, the NetVanta 3120 supports 802.1q trunking on the Ethernet 0/1 port.  The Configuring InterVLAN Routing in AOS document explains how to setup an Ethernet interface for trunking.  Here is an excerpt from that document:


          Configuring 802.1Q Trunking in the CLI



          1.  First, access the interface that will be serving as the 802.1Q trunk. Then, enable 802.1q mode on the interface. Enable the interface by issuing “no shutdown”.

                 Syntax: encapsulation 802.1q

                 Syntax: no shutdown



          2. Once 802.1Q mode has been enabled on an Ethernet interface, you will be allowed to create multiple subinterfaces. Each subinterface will be the default gateway for devices within that VLAN.

                 Syntax: interface <interface> 0/1.1



          3. Each subinterface must be assigned a VLAN ID. This ID represents the VLAN number that the subinterface is responsible for. Valid IDs fall in the range of 1 to 4094. At least one subinterface must be specified as the “native” VLAN. This VLAN is where all untagged traffic will be tagged to.

                 Syntax: vlan-id <vlan number>

                 Syntax: vlan-id <vlan number> native



          4.  Finally, each subinterface must be assigned an IP address. This IP must reside in the desired subnet for the VLAN that has been assigned to it. After the assignment, the interface can be activated by issuing “no shutdown”.

                 (config-eth 0/1.1)# ip address <A.B.C.D> <subnet mask>

                 (config-eth 0/1.1)# no shutdown


          Please, do not hesitate to reply with any additional questions, I will be happy to help in any way I can.