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    i need help with a netvanta 1335 routing for one vlan for a voice server

    rmarasky New Member

      Basically what has happened is i have been doing clean up for an individual that is no longer with my company.

      he has setup many devices and not saved any config's

      so i am left with trying to re create things that he has put in place in the past.


      I have this unit that went bad it will not power up so i replaced the unit.

      the company has three networks in which i have up and working by Vlans and firewall policies for each

      the only thing i am having issues with is the voice server which has an ip address of

      public ip address of i will have uploaded the config for the unit i have replaced and so far all networks get out to the internet except for the voice server.

      we need to be able to remotley manage it.

      i am having issues trying to figure out why this unit will not reach the internet. i have been working with an engineer but together we have not been able to make this work.

      i have attahced the config the way i have all policies currently.

      any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated, i have been working on this network and trying to get this switch set back up the way it was before when everything worked.