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    Adtran 3120/3130 DBU Lights

    megasmithers New Member

      The DBU light on my Adtran NetVanta 3120 and 3130 boxes will blink green-amber-green-amber. I cannot find this code documented anywhere. The only statuses I can find documented are:


      DBU Off The DBU is administratively down.

      Green (solid) The DBU is ready.

      Green (flashing) The unit is in dial backup.

      Red (solid) An alarm condition is occurring on the DBU interface, or there is a self-test failure.

      Amber (solid) The unit is in test.


      As this is not green-flashing nor solid amber, nor is the unit in DBU nor in test mode, I am quite curious as to what this code is trying to tell me. Thank you for your time.

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          megasmithers New Member

          I had emailed this question this morning, and got the invite from Evan at Adtran.


          This afternoon I had an FST dispatched to TS the DBU.


          I think my field services tech figured it out. The lights and labels are located on the same line, with the lights to the left. As English goes left-to-right, my FST looked for "DBU" and then looked at the light to the right of it. That is actually the switch port 1 light showing link up and regular traffic. There is extra spacing between the switch ports, but the spacing between the STAT, WAN, VPN, DBU, is very small... and it is this small interval between DBU and switch port 1 as well.


          TL;DR, DBU light is to the left of DBU label, but users and techs are looking to the right of the label and therefore reading the wrong light. LIGHT LEFT!