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    Call waiting not working with ring groups...

    joshua Beta_User

      Ever since I upgraded to 5.02 call waiting is not working when calls come in through a ring group.


      Attached is a debug with 2 separate calls hitting the ring group. 5612 picked up the first call and never heard a beep for the second caller.

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          Thank you for your question.  A command was added to allow call waiting on ring-group calls.  This needs to be enabled on each voice user that will want to answer multiple ring group calls at one time.  This is currently only configurable in the command line.  Here are the steps to configure this:


          1. login to the command line
          2. type "ena" and hit enter then enter your enable password if prompted
          3. type "config t" and hit enter
          4. type "voice user xxxx" and hit enter, where xxxx is the extension of the voice user you want to enable ring group call waiting on
          5. type "group-ring-call-waiting" and hit enter
          6. repeat steps 4 and 5 for all of the applicable users
          7. type "end" and hit enter
          8. type "wr" and hit enter to save your configuration


          NOTE: all commands should be entered without the quotation marks shown in the steps above.


          If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.