MX2820 an explanation for why access modules are showing up as blank or unknown when service is working

Version 1


    Why do working equipped MX2820 Access Modules display as blank or unknown when existing service is up and working.




    This is a backplane communications bus issue that doesn’t affect working service.  This a known condition that typically manifests itself when the last two mated slots are equipped with Access Modules

    • Slots 6 & 7 in a 19 inch chassis
    • Slots 8 & 9 in a 23 inch chassis


    The resolution is to update the SCU Module’s software to F05.  We also recommend updating the Access Module’s software to the latest released software as well.

    • M13 Mux Module software F05.
    • STS-1 Mux Module software C03.


    If software update doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s possible one or more Access Modules are causing the condition aka “Killer Unit”.