Q&A - What does the letter mean at the end of an AOS firmware file name?

Version 4


    I have multiple AOS firmware files on my NetVanta device that appear to be the same except for a letter at the end. What is the difference between firmware files on the box that have different letters at the end?



    The letter at the end of the AOS firmware file name denotes the feature pack enabled for that specific file.

    Standard Feature Pack firmware will not have a letter at the end: For example, NV4430A-R13-2-3.biz

    Enhanced Feature Pack firmware will have an E at the end: For example, NV4430A-R13-2-3-E.biz

    Voice Feature Pack/SBC firmware will have a V at the end: For example, NV4430A-R13-2-3-V.biz