ADTRAN Support Community Upgrade - What's Changed

Version 7

    We recently upgraded the platform that the ADTRAN Support Community is run on.  There were many changes, but some of the most relevant are listed here.


    The site header


    Old site header:


    New site header:


    Here are some of the changes that were made to the header:

    • Communications was relabeled to Inbox.
    • If you have any unread items in your Inbox a notification indicating the number of unread items will be shown next to your name by the search bar.
    • History & Bookmarks were moved inside the search bar. If you click inside the search bar a pop-up menu will appear showing your history, bookmarks, and more.
    • The Share link was removed from the header and relocated on the right hand side of pages for documents and discussions. A different Share button was also added so you can suggest content to particular users.
    • The link to Actions was removed as it is not a commonly used feature. If Actions are needed they will show up in the Inbox/Activity menu.
    • The Create drop down menu was removed along with the ability to create status updates.
    • A new Links menu was added to provide a way to jump to different relevant places across the community.


    Following content, people, and places in streams


    You can now create custom streams of items you want to follow.  By default you will have the following streams:

    • Connections Stream  - This stream lists everything you are following.
    • Inbox - This stream lists everything that you have created and participated in and has email notifications enabled.
    • Email Watches - if you had an account previous to our upgrade anything you opted to "Receive email notifications" for was placed in this stream with email notifications enabled.


    You can create a new stream with the "New Stream" link on the Inbox/Activity page.




    Once you click the link to create a new stream, give it a name meaningful to you, decide if you want email notifications for items in this stream, and search to find people or places to follow.




    One suggestion that may make things easier is to just create the stream and turn on email updates if you want them, and then simply go to the places you are interested in and use the Follow button and check the new stream you created.




    Email notifications

    The "Receive email notifications" link was removed with the introduction of custom streams.  Now simply click the Follow button in the upper right hand side of a page (described above) and then select Inbox or another custom stream you created that has emails enabled.  If you had an account with email subscriptions prior to our upgrade all of your subscriptions were converted to a stream named Email Watches.  By default everything in the Inbox stream has email notifications enabled so the simplest way to subscribe to emails is clicking the Follow button and selecting Inbox.



    Posting a question


    There is now a "Post A Question" box on the top of the posting pages:



    Enter the title of your post in the box.  As you type, similar questions and documents will pop-up.



    If you don't see anything applicable to your question click the Submit button at the bottom to be taken to the form where you can add further details and post your question.



    Helpful Answers

    When you post a question and others reply you have the ability to mark a Correct Answer or indicate the reply was helpful.  Previously there was a Helpful Answer button right next to the Correct Answer button.  However, now the Helpful Answer ability was relocated to be under the Actions link on the reply box window.



    We were able to place a prompt where the old Helpful Answer button was to help members find the new location.