Submitting a Feature Request

Version 14

    Submitting a Feature Request

    Feature Requests in the ADTRAN Support Community are only available on certain platforms. To submit a feature request, navigate with the links below and then click the link to Create an Idea on the resulting page.


    Feature Requests - Bluesocket Access Points

    Feature Requests - Bluesocket vWLAN

    Feature Requests - NetVanta 1200 Series

    Feature Requests - NetVanta 1500/1600 Series



    If you wish to make a feature request on an ADTRAN product not on this list, please contact your ADTRAN Sales Representative.

    Prior to submitting a new feature request, please make sure to look through the existing ones.  It will be difficult to prioritize and confusing to other community members if there are multiple requests for the same thing.

    1 - Enter a title of your feature request to summarize what it is about.  Notice the pop-up box on the right that shows any similar feature requests that have already been made.  If any look like what you were going to submit, you can vote on those instead of creating a new feature request.

    create idea1.png

    2 - Enter a detailed description of your feature request in the editor. This editor allows you to change the text, insert pictures, insert videos, create tables, create hyperlinks, and much more.

    create idea2.png

    3 - You can optionally attach a file.

    create idea3.png

    4 - Enter tags to help other users find your feature request. These should be terms you think other users may use when searching.


    create idea5.png


    5 - Click the Create Idea button to publish your feature request.

    create idea6.png

    6 - After your feature request has been submitted, click the up arrow to vote it up.  You can only vote once per feature request, and you can change your vote at any time.  Make sure to tell others about your feature request so they can vote on it too. 

    create idea7.png

    Note: You can change your vote from up to down or visa versa, but you cannot cancel your vote.

    Feature Request States

    After a feature request has been submitted, it can go through various states shown in the table below.


    Feature Request States - new.pngThis is the default state when a new feature request is created.
    Feature Request States - in process.pngThis is the state when a feature is in process of being implemented.
    Feature Request States -deferred.pngThis state is used when a feature request is not going to be implemented.
    Feature Request States -duplicate.pngThis state is used when another feature request exists covering the same request.  A link will be provided to the feature request that should be used in place of the duplicate.
    Feature Request States -delivered.pngThis state is used when a feature request has been implemented in an ADTRAN product.