SBC SIP Trunking Sample Configuration

Version 8

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    SBC SIP Trunking Sample Configuration


    The sample configuration below is  designed to be used as a basic voice configuration template for a SIP trunking application to a SIP PBX on an ADTRAN SBC Feature Pack router or IP Business Gateway. It is assumed that the routing features of the device have already been configured. For more information about configuring IP interfaces for AOS voice applications, see Configuring IP Interfaces for SIP in AOS IPBGs.


    Before using the sample configuration, replace all the <PARAMETER> items with the correct values for your system.  accept $ should never be used on the grouped trunk to the provider as it can result in internal calls being routed to the PSTN.


    For information on grouped trunk accept templates, see step 6 in Configuring the Switchboard and Dial Plan in AOS.


    For information on how to access the command line, enable prompt, and configuration mode, see Accessing the Command Line Interface in AOS.

    voice transfer-mode local

    voice forward-mode local



    voice trunk T01 type sip

      description Provider SIP Trunk

      sip-server primary <PROVIDER IP ADDRESS/FQDN>


    voice trunk T11 type sip

      description PBX

      sip-server primary <PBX IP ADDRESS>

      transfer-mode network

      grammar from host local


    voice grouped-trunk PROVIDER

      trunk T01

      accept NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

      accept 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

      accept 011-$ cost 0

      accept 411 cost 0

      accept 611 cost 0

      accept 911 cost 0


    voice grouped-trunk PBX

      trunk T11

      accept <DIDs/DID patterns>

      accept <PBX extension patterns>



    ip rtp symmetric-filter


    ip rtp media-anchoring