Hosted SIP phones with Metaswitch – Sample Configuration

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    Hosted SIP phones with Metaswitch – Sample Configuration


    This article will cover configuration options needed specifically for hosted SIP phones running through the ADTRAN SIP Proxy to a Metaswitch softswitch.  It assumes that IP interfaces, routing, and firewall features have already been enabled.  For more information about configuring IP interfaces for AOS voice applications, see Configuring IP Interfaces for SIP in AOS IPBGs.  The sample configuration below enables Transparent SIP Proxy as well as two application specific options.


    ip sip

    ip sip proxy

    ip sip proxy transparent


    ip sip proxy grammar proxy-id contact-user

    ip sip proxy duplicates-allowed


    The first three commands are required to turn on Transparent SIP Proxy.  For additional information regarding the SIP Proxy, reference Configuring SIP Proxy in AOS.  The latter two options change the format of the Contact header and allow duplicate registrations.  If the phones have already attempted a registration prior to adding these last two commands, the administrator will need to clear the SIP proxy user database with clear sip proxy user * and have the SIP phones send a new registration.