Performing a Boot ROM Upgrade on an AOS Unit

Version 7




    Some ADTRAN Operation System (AOS) products require the boot ROM to be a minimum revision to run the latest firmware.  The minimum boot ROM requirements are listed in the firmware release notes, which can be obtained from ADTRAN’s website.  If you require a Boot ROM upgrade, please contact ADTRAN Technical Support ( or 888-423-8726) to obtain a boot ROM file.


    The following steps outline upgrading the boot ROM on an AOS product.


    Copy the Boot ROM to the AOS Unit


    In order to copy the boot ROM file to the AOS unit, you can upload the image via the web GUI Firmware page, or by using a TFTP server as shown below (TFTP servers can be downloaded free from the Internet).


    1. You will first need to setup a TFTP server on a computer or server on the same network as the AOS device.  Copy the boot ROM to the same directory the TFTP server uses to host files.  (Typically, the boot ROM file naming convention is


    Type the following commands to transfer the boot ROM file to the AOS unit:



    # copy tftp flash 

    Address of remote host?

    Source filename?

    Destination filename? []

    Initiating TFTP transfer...

    Received 310353 bytes.

    Transfer complete.


    Flashing the Boot ROM


    1. First, verify the proper file is stored on the AOS unit’s flash by typing the show flash command.  Then, to flash the boot ROM, type copy <filename> boot. This command has to be run at the enable prompt.



    # show flash

                 4172 baseline





                 4261 startup-config

                 4261 startup-config.bak

                 4178 testrack-config

    20140466 bytes used, 11499949 available, 31640415 total

    # copy boot

    Reading 310353 bytes of code, stand by...

    Image is compressed, inflating......................................

    Verifying image

    Erasing boot sector

    Programming boot sector



    2.  To verify the boot ROM was loaded properly, issue the show version command.  In the command output, the Boot ROM version will be listed as Boot ROM version NN.NN.NN.NN.  The AOS unit will need to be reloaded/rebooted for the change to take effect.



    # show version

    ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.4.0

      Mainline Version: ENM.12.029

      Checksum: 5258FD0B

      Built on: Mon Sep 17 14:25:28 2012

      Upgrade key: 7a13979c0ad70730a759b73a477bde42

    Boot ROM version

      Checksum: 6918

      Built on: Mon May 10 11:04:45 2010

    Copyright (c) 1999-2012, ADTRAN, Inc.

    Platform: NetVanta 1534, part number 1702590G1

    Serial number LBADTN1022AC418

    Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRAM: 134217727 bytes