Does n-Command support any of the Total Access Products?

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    Q: Does n-Command support any of the Total Access, Integrated Access Devices (IADs)?





    Yes in version 3.1, n-Command provides limited support for the TA 600 and 850 series Integrated Access Devices (IADs).

    See below: 

    Features Supported in n-Command Enterprise Edition (
    version 3.1)

    • ·         TA 600/850 Discovery: This module enables n-Command to discover TA 600 and 850 IADs using an IAD host file.  The host file is a comma separated file that includes each devices IP Address, CLI username and password. 
    • ·         Configuration Backup/Restore:  Backup configurations manually or schedule them on a recurring basis.  Saved configurations can be restored to devices. The configurations can not be viewed or edited.  They can be backed up and restored.
    • ·         Firmware Management:  Upgrade firmware to single devices or large groups of devices.

    Ordering Information1950852L1 – TA 600/850 Module