Two B-Channel Transfer: Quick Configuration Guide

Version 2


    Quick Configuration Guide (QCG)

    [Two B-Channel Transfer]




    Two B-Channel Transfer (TBCT) enables a PBX connected to a PRI interface to connect two independent calls

    together. Once the Adtran accepts the request, the PBX is released from the call and the two call legs are

    transferred on the SIP trunk using the REFER method.  TBCT is the National ISDN (NI-2) variant of ISDN Explicit

    Call Transfer Supplementary Service.


    The feature is configured on the PRI interface and is intended only for SIP to PRI and PRI to SIP calls. It is not

    supported when one or both calls are connected via analog FXS, analog FXO, or a T1-CAS trunk.


    To achieve similar functionality for DMS and ETSI, Release Link Trunk (RLT) and Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)

    must be configured respectively. ETSI is only supported in the NV 6310/6330.


    This feature was added in A2.05.00


    Supported Platforms


    TA 900/900e series IPBGs

    NV 6000 series IPBGs


    Command Line Interface Configuration


    Switch Type: NI-2 and 5ESS

    TBCT as defined by GR-2865-CORE


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service tbct

    Help: Enable/Disable NI-2 Two B-Channel Transfer

    Default: no supplementary-service tbct


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service tbct notify-controller

    Help: Enable/Disable NI-2 TBCT Notification to Controller

    Default: no supplementary-service tbct notify-controlle


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service tbct transfer-counters

    Help: Enable/Disable the usage of transfer counters during TBCT

    Default: supplementary-service tbct transfer-counters

    Note: This command is required for the Nortel interpretation of the NI-2 specification


    Command: isdn supplementary-service tbct active-transfers <0-60000>

    Help: Set the number of simultaneous transfers

    Default: supplementary-service tbct active-transfers 100

    Note: Only has an effect if “transfer-counters” is enabled.


    Command: isdn supplementary-service tbct transfer-rate <0-500>

    Help: Set the number of transfers allowed within a 10 second interval

    Default: supplementary-service tbct transfer-rate 10

    Note: Only has an effect if “transfer-counters” is enabled.


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service tbct d-channel-id (auto | <0 – 0xFFFFFFFF>)

    Help: Set the d-channel-id for TBCT across multiple interfaces

    Default: supplementary-service tbct d-channel-id auto

    Note: The “no” command sets to auto.


    Switch Type: DMS

    RLT as defined


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service rlt

    Help: Enable/Disable DMS Release Link Trunk

    Default: no supplementary-service rlt


    Switch Type: ETSI

    ECT as defined by ETS-300-369


    Command: [no] isdn supplementary-service ect

    Help: Enable/Disable ETSI Explicit Call Transfer

    Default: no supplementary-service ect



    Example Configuration

    (config-pri 1)#isdn supplementary-service tbct

    (config-pri 1)#isdn supplementary-service tbct notify-controller