Trunk Group Identifier Quick Configuration Guide

Version 5



    This feature provides a way to specify a RFC 4904 trunk group identifier in outbound SIP INVITEs on a per-trunk basis.


    Supported Platforms


    • AOS IPBGs (starting with AOS A2.05)
    • SBC Feature Pack AOS Routers

    Command Line Interface Configuration


    To specify a trunk group identifier, use the trunk-group-id <label> <context> [always] command from the voice trunk configuration mode.  <LABEL> is the RFC 4904 trunk group label, <context> is the RFC 4904 trunk context, and the optional always parameter instructs the unit to add the trunk group identifier even if no caller ID information is present.

    (config-T01)#trunk-group-id <LABEL> <CONTEXT> [always]



    (config-T01)#trunk-group-id 2565550100 voip.example