ADTRAN Community Code

Version 6

    Welcome to the ADTRAN Support community!


    Below is a short list of guidelines for community interactions.  Material deemed sensitive or inappropriate will be removed.  Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


    • Remember that we are here to help you and happy to do so.  If you need help or are unsure about something, ask.  ADTRAN moderators are clearly identified by a special badge <insert image here>.
    • Be a valued member of the community. 
      • Keep it relevant.   Before posting, make sure that you are posting in the best space available and that the question or response is on-topic and appropriate for the community.  Doing so benefits everyone.
      • Keep it respectful.  Everyone wants a positive experience.  Be mindful of the others.  Refrain from using harsh or inappropriate language, pictures, and avatars.
      • Be yourself.  Being anonymous or using a screen name that protects your real identity is acceptable.  However, pretending to be someone else (moderator, member, etc...) is unacceptable and violates community trust. 
      • Help others.  If you have learned something that others can benefit from, we encourage you to share it.
      • No commercial activity, spamming, or soliciting.  This is a support community.
    • Be careful.
      • Don't over-share.  If you are sharing a configuration make sure to remove any sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and IP addresses.
      • Don't share confidential information with others through the community.  Not even through direct messaging.
      • Think before you post.  Take a minute to re-read anything before you post it.  Make sure it falls within the community guidelines and terms of use.


    The success of our community depends upon members like you!

    Thank you.