Q&A - How do you find the serial number of an SDX switch?

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    How do you find the serial number of an SDX-8110 series switch?



    1. The sticker on the bottom of the switch will provide the serial number and much more information.
    2. The box, if you have it, also has a label the same serial number on the top.
    3. From the Web interface https://A.B.C.D  
      Web Serial#.png

    4.  From the CLI ( Telnet, SSH or Console ) -   from the Enable mode




    SDX-24# platform debug allow


    WARNING: The use of 'debug' commands may negatively impact system behavior.

    Do not enable unless instructed to. (Use 'platform debug deny' to disable

    debug commands.)


    NOTE: 'debug' command syntax, semantics and behavior are subject to change

    without notice.


    SDX-24# deb factory

    MAC Address: 00-24-45-xx-xx-xx

    Serial Number : LBADTN1914AE314

    HW Version : P2A

    Part Number : 17108124PF2

    Fan High Threshold : 300

    Fan Low Threshold : 280