Proper MX2820 DSX1 AMP Cables for ADTRAN 56 Position Breakout Panel

Version 2


    What are the proper MX2820 DSX1 AMP cables for an ADTRAN 56 position breakout panel?



    This application requires the use of two different types of DSX1 AMP cables: one for the MX2820 and the other for the 56 position breakout panel (PN 1200291L2).


    MX2820 DSX1 AMP cables

    PN 1186021L2           6 foot 90 degree male 64 pin AMP cable

    PN 1186023L2           25 foot 90 degree male 64 pin AMP cable.


    56 position breakout panel PN 1200291L2 DSX1 AMP conversion cable

    P/N 1196CP501L1      14 inch copper, 64 pin male 180 degree AMP to 64 pin female 90 degree AMP.


    The 180 degree male AMP terminates to the breakout panel while the 90 degree female AMP terminates to the 90 degree male AMP cable of the MX2820.


    Note: ADTRAN does not have a MX2820 Future Bus Cable with a 180 degree AMP on the opposite end.